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A.G. International


AG International is a high end appliance distributor.

In business for 20 years, AG International has always known how to differentiate itself from its competition, and essentially, how to make a distinction in the household appliance industry.

Since we have always been eager to reach the most innovative and high quality lines, the brands we represent are known for their great ingenuity and adapt perfectly to your daily routine, allowing you to live life, simply.

Among them, you will discover FISHER & PAYKEL, a New Zealand design that has been constantly innovating for 80 years, and DCS, a remarkable professional category that specializes in gas. The Italian and appealing design of ELICA will also make you want to know more about ventilation as well as the stealth of KOBE, a Japanese design range hood company.

The main goal of AG International is to offer to its clientele an outstanding and personalized service but mostly, a devoted one. To have more information, please visit

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